Our Belief’s

At Olive Dining we believe that every member of our company is responsible and should contribute to our company approach to how we conduct our business, conscious of how our activities can support and affect the challenges facing our planet and the environment.


We believe that doing the right thing at every level creates a better working environment and a strong sense of well-being.


We adopt a transparent approach to our business both with our clients and our staff, involving and communicating on a formal and regular basis.


We actively seek fresh local ingredients and promote the use of ethical products such as Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance.

“People and community are truly an asset to Olive dining, they demonstrate a strong ethical approach in the management and procurement of their business, we were inspired by their approach”
– Head teacher in East London


Olive Dining employs the services of an environmental consultant to evaluate our operations and make recommendations where necessary.

Our suppliers are chosen to work in partnership with us to ensure that we provide fresh, seasonal and local ingredients from environmentally sustainable sources and that they comply with EU and international trading regulations, and the requirements of other legislative bodies that we conform to.

Our purchasing policy is to provide the freshest quality produce at the most competitive price whilst managing our commitment to this policy and ensuring full traceability of produce.


One of the cornerstones of Olive Dining is to ensure that we support our customers in both their current and future health and wellbeing through the food that they choose.

We believe that the decisions our customers make today will influence the decisions they make in the future.

To support this, we actively seek fresh local ingredients and promote the use of ethical products such as Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance.

Our suppliers are accredited with Food Standards Assured Red Tractor, Leaf Mark and Freedom Foods.

“We are very pleased with the quality of food and level of service that Olive Dining has brought to the school. The Head Chef and his team provide meals of a high standard. We have regular client meetings and the company is always available when needed. They have been supportive and proactive to requests and developments from students and staff regarding menus, choices and selections. ”

Teacher in West London


People are our most important asset.

We are committed to our employees and strive to make our company the workplace of choice.

We also like to reward our staff and give them the recognition we feel they deserve to thank them for their work and extra efforts.


An integral part of our company ethos is to give back, and share with, the community.

Each year we work with a chosen charity and hold charity fund raising events. We also actively support our clients with any initiatives they may have.

In addition to this, we work with the community by supporting local community training and master classes. Our focus for this year is to work with students and schools to educate the young in adopting a healthy lifestyle and inspire young people into the world of food.