Confirmation of our meat suppliers

In light of the food safety concerns regarding meat suppliers Russell Hume, Olive Dining would like to take this opportunity to assure you they are not one of our suppliers. Our meat supplier, Fenns of Piccadilly confirm that they have no association with Russell Hume or their suppliers. Olive Dining are dedicated to serving only [...]

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Celebrating 20 years with Lesley

Lesley celebrated her 20th anniversary working at Walthamstow School for Girls on the 15th of January. Olive Dining presented her with a bouquet to celebrate this anniversary with her. Lesley and the rest of the WSFG team            

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New Advice on Eggs

The Food Standards Agency recently changed their advice on the safety of runny eggs for vulnerable groups such as infants, pregnant women and the elderly. They have confirmed that these groups can now enjoy runny and raw eggs safely, provided the eggs have the Red Lion stamp on them. This change in advice is due to the [...]

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Clarification of our Poultry Suppliers

In light of the food safety concerns regarding chicken processed at the 2 Sisters Food group, Olive Dining confirms that our poultry is NOT sourced from the 2 Sisters Food Group. Please see confirmation from our suppliers below      

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Check Out Our Primary Newsletter

It's full of great info about what goes into our meals, including our tasty free school meals, why we do our popular theme days and how to stay up to date with all our news. If there's something you'd like to see us cover in our next newsletter please get in touch! Please check out [...]

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Fun Day Success

Fun Day Success at Langley Park Academy Olive Dining recently sponsored a Fun Day in Honour of the Stroke Association, held on 3rd June, Fiona Garland from our Langley Park Academy site managed to raise a whopping £1400 for the Stroke Association in honour of her son James, who suffered a major stroke in 2015. [...]

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App Launch

Download Our New App Now! Keep up to date on menus, theme days, special offers and news by downloading it today, for free, from the app store! You’ll be able to view and save the weekly menus, get our news directly to your phone, contact us directly and see all the great content from our [...]

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