The quality of school catering has been a ‘hot topic’ recently. Thanks to healthy school catering Westerham services available from Olive Dining, things are moving very quickly in the right direction.

Olive Dining is bringing a new direction to school catering by creating a level of food that pupils can’t wait to eat. Not only does it taste great, it also does this in healthy and ethical way.

Our priority is to ensure young people appreciate our food and we strive to make it healthy, enjoyable and educational.

Creating Food With Passion

The inspirations and ideas cater for our different cultures and food trends, coupled with traditional dining ensure that our menus are extremely popular throughout South East England.Healthy School Catering Westerham

Our menu style is tailored specifically for each client, producing a nutritionally balanced and exciting food offer.

For example primary and secondary school menus, please click here.

Bringing Fresh Thinking To School Dining

By creating individually tailored menus for schools, we can be certain that our ideas remain as fresh as our ingredients!

It is our constant goal to ensure that we produce nutritionally balanced school lunch/dinners and our values remain the same. To use fresh, local produce to allow our hugely skilled chefs to make truly memorable food.

Something a Little Different

Offering a bespoke service entirely dedicated to the education sector, our clients consistently tell us that our refreshing approach has created a significant positive impact with their business.

Our values are consistent throughout; we never compromise on our commitment to fresh, local produce and value for money.

Not only is it our priority to ensure young people appreciate our food, but we strive to make our dining experience both enjoyable and educational.

Contact Us

If you would like any further information regarding the leading standard of healthy school catering Westerham has to offer, please contact us on Tel. No. 01959 564700, e-mail – or via our official Twitter account and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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