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Today’s students have a sharp perception of the food they like, and they live in a constantly changing environment. Therefore, their expectation of the catering service is one which offers high quality menu choices made from fresh ingredients which in turn will encourage them to try and experience new dishes.

What’s on the Menu?

Using the freshest ingredients, prepared to the very highest standard, menus are appealing, varied, seasonal and in line with the latest trends and food styles. We have included our proposed 3 week menu plan, the key features of which are as follows: 

  • Fully compliant to the School Food Trust Guidelines
  • Featured Organic & local produce
  • Seasonal Vegetables & Fruit

Sustainably Sourced

Olive closely manages the procurement and source of our ingredients.

Our ingredients travel fewer road miles which means fresher, better tasting food.

We travel the UK carefully selecting fresh ingredients from the growers and producers to ensure that we only offer our chefs the best quality, consistency, and ingredients.


For a child with an allergy or special dietary requirement, lunchtimes can be a stressful time.  At Olive we aim to eliminate any stress during mealtimes, by managing the issue effectively so that each child can dine safely and within an allergen-controlled environment.

We are highly experienced in dealing with this delicate matter, having adapted our own successful management processes to eliminate the risk to your pupils and ensure every child has access to an exciting range of food.  Parents can rest assured that any children with allergies, intolerances or special dietary needs will be in the most safe and capable of hands whenever they dine with Olive.

Free School Meals

At Olive Dining, we relish in making great food for children and getting them engaged with healthy eating.

Why not find out if your child is entitled to Free School Meals and sign up for lunch now.

Find out below at the government website Apply for free school meals – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

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