School Caterers Surrey

Healthy Food

All of our dishes are made with fresh, healthy ingredients

Professional Caterers Surrey

Worldwide Cuisine

Our dishes take inspiration from many countries and cultures and we also offer meals to cater for specific dietary requirements such as halal.

Contracted Catering South East

Fun Theme Days

We believe mealtimes should be fun, and we offer many special themed menus throughout the year to reflect this.

Food With Passion

Olive Dining is a family owned bespoke catering business with a strong reputation built upon delivering excellent standards, both in service and in food.

Providing healthy and delicious meals through our team of highly skilled chefs is the heart of what we do.
Olive Dining endeavours to provide; great quality food, coupled with an efficient service to our customers and clients, generating an atmosphere of fun and achievement for all.

“Olive Dining’s impact on our school meals was instant and the take up from both pupils and staff is fantastic. I needed my catering team to deliver innovative, healthy and creative meals for our kids as for many it will be the sole meal of the day. Olive Dining do that consistently and with the passion of caterers who absolutely get it!”

Elena, Aylward Academy

Our Ethos

Our ethos is focused upon delivering exciting and innovative menus by cooking exceptional food from high-quality, raw ingredients every single day.

Offering a bespoke service entirely dedicated to the education sector, our clients consistently tell us that our refreshing approach has created a significant positive impact with their business.

Our values are consistent throughout; we never compromise on our commitment to fresh, local produce and value for money.

Not only is it our priority to ensure young people appreciate our food, but we strive to make our dining experience both enjoyable and educational.